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Coven update! Again!

Some coven spells are now psionic disciplines. This means
that they cost psp instead of sp. It also means that they
need to be used with the 'evoke' command instead of 'cast'
command. Sorry about that, you need to update your aliases
for those.

Psi strength also matters for those spells, so backgrounds,
races, and effects that increase psi strength will also boost
those spells. I will also take a look at the racial guilds and
see if there are any psionicist-related perks in them that
could also be made to work with these. Basically, not having
any psi strength stat means that the spells are just as
powerful as before. But if you have it, they naturally benefit
from those. The psi strength has an affect similar to how
some types of coven magic gain bonuses from your race.
Basically to put it in scope: +2 psi strength = +minor boost,
+4 = +moderate and so on. This can matter a lot for a
low-skilled caster, and complements highbies.

For now, the spells who have received this treatment are:
Weave dreams, which did not change much.
Fleeting images, whose effectiveness gets penalized when
your spellpoints get lower and lower.
Illusory doom, which has the same sp-dependancy. Illusory
doom gets partial bonus from stuff that boosts telekinetic

To keep up with the trend, these psionic disciplines are now
related to the element of Antimagic when it comes to magic
weather and its effects on spellcasting costs and times.

I might add some spells from the charm/curse categories in
the future to join them, and this gameinfo will be edited
to include them in the list above.

This cast->evoke tune may have unforeseen consequences,
so keep your eyes open and inform me should something
weird happen with them. Keep your eyes open for things
that used to work specifically with CASTing spells before, but
now no longer work because these spells might get treated
differently (as psionic stuff) instead.

I went and added a new mode for magnetize spell. It is to
convert caster's own spellpoints into psionic points for the
caster. The spell help has been updated to include the
syntax for it. It can be used solo, but it works better in a
party, the bonus efficiency for the conversion scales
according to the number of present party members in the room.

Spells 'necrotic fields' and 'silent scream' can now be used
without wearing the chain item, provided that you have
other means of being undead when you cast them.

Beholders, who are unable to actually wear the chain, can
now transform the chain to take the amulet slot instead of

Hopefully this tune will make psionicist equipment more
desirable than their current junk status. Remember, +spr
from items also gives a partial bonus to +pspr ratings, so
your current coven eqsets might still be usable after this

If you are a multi-class of coven+psi of either main guild /
secondary guild variety, there is a real chance that the
evoking code explodes and things stop working as intended.
I'll try to resolve the issue should it happen. Should the
worst come to pass, we might be looking at barring main
guild covens from joining inborn psionicists and infecti tyros
from joining scions of pain. Let's hope that does not come to
pass, shall we!

And some APRIL FOOL's joke to the entire game to celebrate
psion eq being made great again and to reward you for
reading this post this far! I also went and changed how
dying works. If you manually look for your soul parts now
instead of praying for them, you don't lose any experience
upon coming back from the dead. In fact, you gain a tiny
10% exprate boost to reward you for your hard work
navigating the nether plane (or 5% per soul part, since you
can find one and pray the other). So now you can actually
start your exping session by gathering some momentum
from the nether. This boost lingers for the rest of the day,
but I don't think it stacks with itself. Since Wilders have it
easy already and are completely merged with their souls in
nether, they cannot benefit from this boost. Sucks for them,

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