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The Coven of the Derelict is a collection of different magic-users from around the Valley of Aegic. What is common to those, is that they are shunned by the rest of the population, or otherwise seen as evil or have done something that marks them as traitors in their own crafts. There are fallen rangers, corrupted mages, power-hungry psionicists and many, many other kinds of people from various crafts.

The Coven of the Derelict formed when a band of brothers in despair decided to form a loose brotherhood that will protect anyone who has for some reason got oneself into such state, whether he is a refugee, recluse or just purely evil individual. They created magics of their own, a scrap from mage spells, a little piece of wardens' spells, just something from every aspect of magic around the valley. But while doing so they suddenly stumbled into a completely new kind of a magic, they became able to use their body's inner, sustaining magic for their wicked purposes. The first members of the Coven found that they were able to use their feeling of pure hatred towards their enemies and society to convert the magic into deadly poisons and channel it to power their curses and other spells they had previously implemented for their use. This single skill became their greatest power and they soon became a subject of fear in the Vale of Aegic.

The guild is willing to take new members, whether one is searcing for protection or just means to slaughter innocents is welcomed to the loose brotherhood of the Derelict. The main guild is located north of Vaerlon, in a middle of a swamp.
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