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Recently rulership over the kingdom of Graemor was taken by a small group led by Kezrhgdel, a cunning young dark elf leader backed up by the priesthood of Dhubr, powerful dark elf sorcerers and the shadowdancers, who helped to seize the palace. After a short period of political and military turmoil almost all members of the ruling body have been either killed or exiled out of the Graemor and replaced by people favorable to the visions of Kezrhgdel. Quickly after the peace has been restored into the city and it's surrounding areas and Kezrhgdel announced his reign over the realm and proclaimed himself as Czar Kezrhgdel, the first absolute ruler of the Czardom of Graemor. The Graemor, now ruled by the czar and 'the family', group of barons who are close advisors of the czar, has started to expand its realm and build new roads, towns and cities. This all makes rulers of Valkor really worried about the future relationship between the kingdom of Valkor and the new formed czardom.
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