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General Master Artisan HowTo guide

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2005 10:11 am    Post subject: General Master Artisan HowTo guide Reply with quote


Miners like loggers are the backbone to the industries. To successfully mine you need a strong back (strength), being able to dodge falling objects (dexterity), a few skills to survive (guild) and a sturdy pick. You can purchase a pick from the artisan shop keeper Sobrin, who can be found in the shop below the main guild. The mining guild is located in a building built into some hills, which is found just off the main road which runs between Vaerlon and Atherton.

Being able to mine is all well and good but you also need to be able to find a mine. All mines have to be advertised as per the Master Artisan Code, this advertising is found at what is known as the 'book room', which is just east of the mining guild. After choosing which mine you would like to mine at you can then copy the map in the book, you will need some rough map paper for this. The map that you copy will have a world map on it and you can gain directions which is reliant on your orienteering skill.

Once in the mine you you will soon discover it is quite a dangerous place, to gain some warning about disasters that are about to strike the skill inner sense is invaluable. You also need a mining cart which is supplied at the mine entrance, just 'take mining cart' to get one then 'push cart <direction>'. You cannot move rubble to anywhere but a mining cart so have it handy. Once mining cart is full you will need to empty it, this is where you get paid also, push the cart back to the entrance and then 'store rubble' all rubble will be stored to the warehouse and you will get your money. If you leave the mine by through conventional means or through death your mining cart will be automatically returned and anything in it will be dropped onto the ground.


Geologists are the finders of veins and managers of mines. They are able to seek out veins of mineral through the geology skill and then survey this vein through the map making skill. Upon completion you are able to decide if they want to setup a mining operation at this vein. You need to provide the funds for a mine marker which builds the mining entrance, upon completion you need to then submit your survey to the 'book room'. Once this is done and you have set the salary & deposited a bit of cash miners are able to enter the mine and mine some rubble for you.

Due to the constant movements in the valley mines only last for a certain period of time, to extend this time you can 'install support' which requires 2 logs and a timber in each open room. This is really handy if there are no miners around and you want to preserve that titanium mine till there are some available. Geologists can also purchase mining lifts which enable miners to mine down a level.

Once some miners have stored a bit of rubble your warehouses automatically sort this rubble and turn it into ore, you can retrieve this ore through the mine_cmd at the mine entrance. This ore can then be sold to refiners.


Refiners are the middle man, the person that turn the ore into usable bars, they are also experts in handling stone and are able to evaluate purity levels in bars and ores. Their main skill is the construction of the furnace. The better the quality of the furnace the higher the temperature the furnace can reach, which is required for better materials.

You put the ore into the furnace then you light the furnace with flint and steel. Once its lit you can then start to bellow air into furnace. If the temperature is hot enough the ore will melt like butter and will pour out into a mold. This newly made bar is obviously quite hot, you are able to cool it down rapidly by 'pour liquid from <container> onto <bar>', this consumes quite a bit of water so a barrel might be handy. Then you take the cooled bar and if there is more ore in the furnace it will pour out into the empty mold.

Once you stop bellowing the furnace cools down and cracks under the stress of the rapid cooling, you can then rebuild your furnace with no extra stone. Built furnaces are able to last for approximately 3 days but collapsed furnaces disappear after about ~10 minutes.
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