Icesus is a multi-user online roleplaying game (MUD) focusing on combat, character development, player interaction and economy. More than 1000 players enjoy playing this completely free, text-based adventure every week. Icesus MUD is maintained and operated by a non-profit association.

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Brelasean branch for the Scions of the cursed blood is open
Posted by Sowilo on Sun, 26 Aug 2018
Brelasean bloodline of the scions of the cursed blood is now open. Brelasean bloodline is the caster branch of the dhamphir guild. Think of them as dark sages, dabblers in forbidden magicks, peruse... Continue Reading »
(Experimental?) Ranger patch 2018 + some other stuff
Posted by Sowilo on Sun, 1 Apr 2018
Rejoice and despair! Rangers received some love. Their mainguild now supports heroism and ascendancy eqstats. I did not, however, touch the mastery levels (Reivers of Grahm) and the unfinished stuf... Continue Reading »
Added new coven race effects
Posted by Sowilo on Sat, 17 Mar 2018
I went and added special race affinities for each race with one coven spell, previously those existed for: Avan - weave dreams Centaur - silent scream Now the race-spell-pairs are as follows: Antae... Continue Reading »
Old Lucky Flanagan retires from banking business
Posted by Sowilo on Thu, 15 Mar 2018
Old Lucky Flanagan has finally decided to retire from the banking business after deeming the situation stable enough to allow for the next generation to take over. All employees of the Bank of Aegi... Continue Reading »

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Icesus is all that remains of the beautiful planet called Aegic. Huge valley surrounded by a mountain range, and shimmering forcefield above it. Last place where life remains. The rest of the planet is covered with solid ice.

Even today, in the world of fast internet connections and realistic 3D games people enjoy playing a text based game. For over 5,000 years written text has fed our imagination in a way that can't be substituted with graphical gimmicks. It's reasonable to say that Icesus is powered by the most sophisticated graphics engine available — your imagination.

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