Icesus is a multi-user online roleplaying game (MUD) focusing on combat, character development, player interaction and economy. More than 1000 players enjoy playing this completely free, text-based adventure every week. Icesus MUD is maintained and operated by a non-profit association.

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(experimental?) Sorcerer patch 2016
Posted by Sowilo on Sun, 24 Apr 2016
Sorcerer patch 2016: Rejoice or despair! Sorcerers now support the new eqstats Dominion and Spellcraft. The inner workings of their abilties also got some tweaks. Seize the day formula got changed.... Continue Reading »
(experimental?) Mage patch of 2016
Posted by Sowilo on Mon, 11 Apr 2016
Short version: Basically, stuff changed. Long version: Mage swarms are now penalized. Rite of replication / mirror swarms are penalized even more. This penalty can be mitigated by having spellcraft... Continue Reading »
Posted by Moraq on Sun, 17 Jan 2016
Mutations are an upcoming feature in which monsters can randomly receive one or more special skills and powerups. Mutations can occur in monsters of all sizes from around 10k experience worth or so... Continue Reading »
Mages of Valkor discover a new phenomena: Magic Weather
Posted by Fimvar on Sun, 10 Jan 2016
Finally, the Mages of Valkor make their discoveries about four new moons over world of Aegic public:

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Icesus is all that remains of the beautiful planet called Aegic. Huge valley surrounded by a mountain range, and shimmering forcefield above it. Last place where life remains. The rest of the planet is covered with solid ice.

Even today, in the world of fast internet connections and realistic 3D games people enjoy playing a text based game. For over 5,000 years written text has fed our imagination in a way that can't be substituted with graphical gimmicks. It's reasonable to say that Icesus is powered by the most sophisticated graphics engine available — your imagination.

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