Icesus is a multi-user online roleplaying game (MUD) focusing on combat, character development, player interaction and economy. More than 1000 players enjoy playing this completely free, text-based adventure every week. Icesus MUD is maintained and operated by a non-profit association.

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Ethereal creature of eternal darkness
Posted by Cyto on Mon, 29 Apr 2019
Ethereal creature of eternal darkness was killed in the 10th day in the Month of Cold, season of Sleeping, year 441. (RL time: 28.4.2019) Heroes of this victorious day were (in alphabetical order):... Continue Reading »
APRIL FOOLS '19: overhauled area near Cenedoiss now open
Posted by Sowilo on Mon, 1 Apr 2019
This gameinfo was, as many guessed it, an April Fools prank of 2019: A dark elf known as Dhinris ran afoul of Valkor's templars and has decided to return back to his roots. To what is now known as ... Continue Reading »
Regarding the rumours of a killer tune
Posted by Sowilo on Sun, 31 Mar 2019
As there seems to be some confusion pertaining to what the 'killer tune' is about, from word of mouth, through hearing rumours, sometimes through hyperbolic tones that don't translate all too well ... Continue Reading »
World of Icesus (the map)
Posted by Cyto on Sun, 10 Mar 2019
The map "World of Icesus" can be found from here: WARNING! The map is HUGE - 100 megs in size so don't choke your browser. The reason for th... Continue Reading »

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Icesus is all that remains of the beautiful planet called Aegic. Huge valley surrounded by a mountain range, and shimmering forcefield above it. Last place where life remains. The rest of the planet is covered with solid ice.

Even today, in the world of fast internet connections and realistic 3D games people enjoy playing a text based game. For over 5,000 years written text has fed our imagination in a way that can't be substituted with graphical gimmicks. It's reasonable to say that Icesus is powered by the most sophisticated graphics engine available — your imagination.

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